(Left: Barbara Langham Herbert, Manager and Funeral Director)

A life long native of Auburn, Barbara is a 1985 Auburn High School graduate, a 1989 SUNY Oswego graduate with a degree in communications and a 1994 graduate of  Simmons Institute of Funeral Service . Barbara has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer at Langham Funeral Home since 1995 and takes great pride in her family's heritage.  Barbara's ability to listen and attention to detail are key factors when serving those in need.    

 " No matter what the request may be, we strive to meet the requests of a family and deliver services as unique as the life lived.  As a fourth generation funeral director, I have an obligation to uphold our firm's name and to carry out the tradition of serving our families with dignity, honor and respect.  The endless hours of hard work, dedication and committment shown by my great grandparents, grandfather and father is why I am here today. It is one of the many reasons which makes me stay true to myself and to the profession. Acknowledging my role as someone who can lend support, advice and guidance in a compassionate manner is something I take seriously.  In doing so, I respect the wishes of the deceased and the family we are serving while honoring my own personal family."                                                                                                                                    


(Left: Michael A. Falcone, Funeral Director) 

Born and raised in Auburn, Michael is a a 1983 Auburn High School graduate, a proud veteran who enlisted in the US Army from 1985 to 1989,  a 1991 graduate of Simmons Institute of Funeral Service and has been an employee with Langham Funeral Home since 1992.  As a Licensed funeral director and embalmer, Michael takes great pride in always being prepared and organized while serving our families.   His considerate and friendly personality lends itself well to serving those in need.        

" The the past 22 years as a funeral director has taught me to think with an open mind and to go above and beyond to do whatever it takes to make a family happy.  I have realized that each funeral is like a finger print, no two funerals are alike.  We, as funeral professionals must appreciate that."