Death of a Family Member

The death of a family member is a very difficult time in anyone’s life.  These articles will help you understand the grief you are feeling when someone in your family has died, and how you can honor the life of your departed family member.

When Your Adult Child Has Died

No matter what the age, it seems ‘out of order’ when parents outlive their children.  This will help parents who have lost an adult child understand their grief and what they can do to help themselves.

When Your Sibling Has Died

Your brother or sister is often your first friend, and no matter the circumstances you will always share a special bond.  When your sibling dies you grieve the loss of a friend, rival and confidant.  This examines the feelings of grief you experience when you lose a sibling.

When Your Grandparent Has Died

Some of your fondest childhood memories are spent with your grandparents, and very often your first experience with death is when a grandparent dies.  This helps you understand your grief when you lose a grandparent.

When Your Spouse Has Died

When your spouse dies, you are overcome by a wealth of emotions, but the one that sticks around the most is loneliness. This will help you comprehend your grief and gives you suggestions on how to overcome your loneliness.

When Your Parent Has Died

Everyone knows that they will have to bury their parents one day.  Knowing this and living this reality are two totally different things.  This will help you cope with the loss of your parent, and will help you move forward.